MRP Dr. Dongre 1

Report to be submitted within 6 weeks after completion of each year )


1. Project report No. 1st/2nd/3rd/Final :                      Final

2. UGC Reference No :                                                          47-388/07(WRO)

3. Period of report from:                                             20/07/2008 TO 30-.04.2012

4. Title of research project:      “Studies on Synthesis, Characterization and Properties

of some Conducting Polymers and its Composites”

5.         (a) Name of the Principal Investigator:  DR. Sunil P.Dongre

             (b) Deptt and University/College where work has progressed:

Department of Physics ,Bhalerao Science College, Saoner Dist. Nagpur

6. Effective date of starting of the project:                20/07/2008

7. Grant approved and expenditure incurred during the period of the report

(a) Total amount approved :                             Rs. 75000

(b) Total expenditure:                                      Rs75757

(c) Report of the work done:               Separate sheet is attached herewith.